EVOLVING the business ecosystem between Europe and Latin America

Who are we ?

We are a consulting and business support office that helps companies to build, develop and implement their commercial expansion plan between Europe and Latin America

Why the European Union ?


With a population of 440 million inhabitants along 27 countries and a GDP of $17 trillion USD, the European Union  (EU) is the 2nd largest consumer market in the world and it includes some of the highest purchasing power economies in the world.

Transparent rules and regulations paired with a secure legal and investment framework make this region the most open market in the world, a big opportunity for developing countries.

Existing bilateral and multiparty trade agreements with almost all LATAM countries facilitate and regulate the trading process.

Ease of transportation and communication between member countries simplify the entry process while facilitating the access to diverse markets and countries.

Why Latin America Region ?


Ranked as the world's 5th largest market with a population of over 620 million and a GDP of over 4.8 Trillion USD, the Latin American region (LATAM) comprises leading economies such as Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Chile and Peru. 

Despite historical adversities, its post-pandemic, specific double-digit growth indicators make it one of the regions with the greatest potential for investment and export plans.  

Mexico, linked by a free trade agreement with the United States and Canada (USMCA) provides access to the world's leading market. 

Export projects can quickly expand to other countries as they share languages, consumption habits and commercial and marketing strategies.

Why using a LINK ?

Venturing in unknown markets and countries without thoroughly understanding, assesing and setting the adequate commercial strategy often lead to unforseen results and costly investments.

Partnering with local subject matter experts of each part of the expansion process is key to ensure strategies are set aligned to the market specifics, the way of doing business, focus on the right niches, forums, distribution channels and customers.

By leveraging with local experts, incipient exporting companies can accelerate their expansion process without the need to hire local employees thus minimizing expansion costs.

Once expansion projects gain size and traction, EuroLATAM Link help companies evaluate next steps in order to continue scaling their operations abroad. 

our vision about     E-Business

E xplore new opportunities 

A key factor when entering a new market is to correctly understand and assess it, to clearly identify its dynamics, major players, customers, distribution structure and footprint,  trends and projections, etc. 

EuroLATAM Link will help you analyze the market specifics in order to develop a thorough analysis covering these aspects and allowing the possibility to build a solid commercial strategy and implementation plan to succeed in your market expansion project.

E xpand into new markets

The definition of a robust and comprehensive comercial strategy is crucial to the project success as these considerations will have an immediate and direct impact on the business performance.

EuroLATAM Link will assist in defining the strategy to cover an optimal Go to Market approach, aiming for the right customers, partnering with the right players, defining the right portfolio, pricing and ensuring credit capacity options for your future customers.

E xecute your strategy

Having a strong Business Management System brings the discipline and cadence needed to ensure continuous follow up and avoid surprises, constantly evaluating performance and identifying plan deviations that allow to take immediate corrective actions.

EuroLATAM Link will propose a Business Managament cadence that will give you visibility of the project evolution and will allow you to review the performance of the agreed relevant business variables in order to make adjustments needed in a timely manner. 

Your next support TEAM

More than 50 years of combined international business experience covering all Commercial areas (Sales, Marketing, Business Strategy, Consulting, Product Management, Business Development, Business Unit Management, Finance, etc) in diverse industries, sectors and market segments.


Strategy, Consulting, Product Management, New Market Development, New Product Introduction.

Vast experience leading diverse areas like Procurement, Business Development, Product Management as well as Business School Faculty.

Electronics, Appliances, Education, University Faculty and International Chambers of Commerce as well as in diverse market segments such as Retail, Distribution, Education Market.



Business Unit Management, Finance, Sales, Services
Market Expansion, 
Channel Strategy.

Experienced leader managing Corporate Finance, Business Unit Management, Sales and IT Services.

International experience in the Automotive and IT Hardware and Services Industries as well as in diverse market segments such as Corporate, Public Sector, Retail and Distribution.

Latin American &
European Experts

Local Specialists as a Link

Local Subject Matter Experts that contribute in the development of each stage of the project, ensuring bringing valuable local expertise, market knowledge and contacts.

Our local experts network cover diverse industries and segments like: Automotive, Information Technology and Services, Consumer Electronics, Home Appliances, Engineering and Telecomunications, System Integrators as well as the Corporate , Retail and Wholesale route to markets

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